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Integrative Consult

This is a one time visit for those who have a current primary care physician and would like to discuss integrative options for reaching optimal health. Dr. Stuckey will review any records and your health intake and then meet with you for a consultation and recommendations to help you reach your goals.

Prior To Your Visit

Prior to the visit you will be asked to fill out a detailed health questionnaire that includes your current symptoms and a 3 day food journal.

Medications and Supplements

  • We ask you to make a thorough list of all medications and supplements and to bring them with you to the visit.


If you have one of the insurance plans we accept, we will charge the visit based on time. If you do not have insurance, or have a plan that we do not accept, the cost is $300.


We will have you gather any lab tests performed in the last 2 years as well as any  scans for Dr. Stuckey to review prior to the visit.  In order to allow Dr. Stuckey to review your history, we ask that you turn in all labs and paperwork at least one week prior to your scheduled appointment.


  • The visit will last approximately 90 minutes in order to review your history and make a detailed plan. The plan will be discussed with you at the time and then a follow up letter will be sent for you to reference.

What To Expect:

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