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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What insurance products will Medicine Reimagined accept?
    While Medicine Reimagined believes the Direct Primary Care Model is the best for the patient and physician, Medicine Reimagined is currently accepting: 1. Medicare 2. United Healthcare 3. UMR (The insurance Goshen Health provides colleagues) 4. United Healthcare Medicare Advantage 5. PHP Insurance 6. and Humana Medicare Advantage. If you have one of these insurance products, Medicine Reimagined cannot provide the DPC model to you, but you can be patients of Medicine Reimagined and use your insurance. Please sign up on the website. Your information will be confirmed and no credit or debit card payments will be processed.
  • How do I become a patient at Medicine Reimagined?
    You will need to release your medical records to Medicine Reimagined. Please contact our current office location and fill out a release of records that can be sent to Medicine Reimagined now. If you would like to become a patient at Medicine Reimagined, you will find a "Enroll Now! Button" located on the Home Page. Please "click" the button and enter your information. If you would like to express your interest in becoming a patient now, use the "Contact Form" on the Home Page now.
  • Will you accept my insurance?
    We understand the Direct Primary Care Model fairly new in Goshen, Indiana. We are accepting a limited number of insurance contracts. If you do not have an insurance that we accept, we are happy to take care of you in the DPC model. We believe you will appreciate the care and likely save significant money if you combine this model of care with a high deductible health insurance plan.
  • How much does a DPC membership cost?
    The montly pricing is available on the Age Appropriate Care page under the Services heading. If this does not help, send us a question, or give us a call!
  • Can my employeer pay for my DPC membership?
    Yes! If your employeer employes less than 50 people, it is fairly easy to allow the employeer pay for DPC memberships. We are happy to help small employeers, just like us, set up DPC for their employees. Give us a call or email us! Medicine Reimagined is not health insurance, but we can help small employeers in the greater Goshen area get great primary care for their employees!
  • What is Direct Primary Care?
    Take a look at the Homepage or the "What is DPC" under the About Heading. You can also find great information at
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