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This is how we imagine getting labs should be!

We Draw Your Labs for Free 

It is better than that though!  Not only do we draw all of the labs that we order for you for free, if other doctors want you to get bloodwork and give you an order,  as a Medicine Reimagined DPC member, we will draw their orders for free and give you our DPC pricing as well!

Dollar Bills

No Crazy Prices

Look below for examples of the prices you will pay for labs at our office.  No hidden fees.  We use LabCorp and get great prices.  How?  You pay for the labs when they are drawn, and LabCorp gets paid directly from us.  This means we can give you the discount rates they give us.  Don't see a lab that you normally need checked?  Not a problem, as a DPC member, we will tell you the cost before we draw the lab.

Pink Envelopes

Want to Use Your Insurance for the Cost of Labs?

Not a problem.  We will send in the bloodwork and let the lab bill you through insurance like any other medical office.  We will still give you the results and help you with your medical decisions.  Unfortunately, just like other offices, we just won't know what you will end up paying for the labs.

Example Lab

 DPC Price

Retail Price




Hemaglobin A1C



Obstetric Panel















These are example prices of the cost of labs in the Medicine Reimagined office.  Your exact costs are dependent upon DPC enrollment and our costs for specific lab services.  As a DPC member, you will never pay a lab draw fee in our office either!
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