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The Medicine Reimagined DPC Solution

Medicine Reimagined’s direct primary care membership, when paired with a high-deductible health plan or a medical cost sharing plan, is a cost-effective way for business owners to provide top quality health benefits to their employees while maintaining compliance in the highly-regulated healthcare environment.


Your stop loss carrier will also likely give you a better rate if using a DPC practice! If not, we will help you get a better stop loss carrier!


Many try to help companies save money with wellness solutions. Now you can have your wellness solution integrated with your primary care coverage.

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A Real-Life Case Study

Union County NC. Started DPC as a benefit offering in April 2015 for June 2015 thru July 2016:

union county stats.png

Of Union County’s 2,000 covered lives, 40% are DPC participants, while the remaining 60% are signed up with the CDHP. ( Consumer Driven Health Plan, high deductible HSA)

Resource: JUL 19, 2016 @ 01:09 PM FORBES: Direct Primary Care Helping North Carolina Public Sector Save Big On Health Care Claims: Part II

DPC participants incur 38% less in medical expenses than CDHP participants, yielding annual savings of $1,408,089. A SAVINGS OF $313.28 PEPM

  • DPC participants incur 37% less in prescription expenses compared to CDHP participants, yielding annual savings of $269,680.

  • DPC participants spend 46% less out of pocket for prescription and medical expenses than CDHP patients, a $333,639 annual savings.

Annual cost decrease 38%.png

73 percent of DPC participants report significant improvement in their overall health since electing the DPC option.

  • Not just attracting healthier patients: The total number of paid claims exceeding $50,000 is evenly divided between DPC enrollees and traditional health plan enrollees. But because there are fewer DPC enrollees at this juncture, it makes sense to conclude that the DPC pool skews higher-risk. Watson followed up with this point by saying that half of DPC enrollees have at least one chronic condition, while 26 percent have at least two.

compare costs.png

Maybe Medical Cost Sharing and Direct Primary Care is the Best Fit for Your Company ?

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