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Congratulations Dr. Stuckey on Completing Your Fellowship at the Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine!

Meet Kim Stuckey MD

Dr. Stuckey comes to you with 20 years experience in full spectrum family medicine.  She trained as a Medical Doctor at Wright State University and in Family Medicine at the University of Cincinnati. She completed a fellowship in obstetrics and then taught at the University of Tennessee where she helped to train family physicians and obstetrical fellows. She completed a fellowship in Integrative Medicine through Andrew Weil Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona and is incorporating what she is learned into her practice.  The variety of educational and practical experiences that she has been a part of give her many options to help guide you in your health journey.


On a personal level she is married with 2 adult children and an energetic dog.  She believes her job is the best job in the world but also likes to spend time with family, friends, and recharge by getting outside.  Her best day would be a long walk in the woods, a jointly cooked meal with friends and family, and a good novel. She believes in the healing powers of good food, all forms of exercise, nature, and friendships.

Meet Dr Stuckey

Meet Steve Schrock MD

Dr. Schrock trained as a Medical Doctor and specialized in Family Medicine at the University of Cincinnati.  After finishing residency, he completed a fellowship in Faculty Development and Underserved Medicine at the University of Cincinnati.  With over 20 years of experience as a physician, he has worked for years in private practice in Goshen and Syracuse, Indiana, led the University of Tennessee Family Medicine Residency program in Memphis and taught at the Saint Joseph Family Medicine Residency in Mishawaka, Indiana.  Beginning in 2022, he is providing patient care at Medicine Reimagined.  He has been board certified in Family Medicine for almost 20 years, teaching and providing care for all ages in the office, the hospital, at homes, and extended care facilities.  He obtained board certification in Lifestyle Medicine in 2020 and looks forward to continuing to add this experience to his patient care in the coming years.

He is married to Dr. Stuckey, enjoys their adult children, and gets out to walk the above mentioned energetic dog almost daily.  He  follows a whole food plant-based diet and would be happy to discuss this, as well as other areas of Lifestyle Medicine with interested patients.  

Why DPC and Integrative Medicine
What is DPC

We are excited to offer the first direct primary care clinic in Goshen.  Direct primary care is a new model for old fashioned medical care.  It is a grassroots movement led by physicians to restore the doctor-patient relationship through transparent, affordable, personalized care. We are able to do this by working directly with you, rather than insurance companies. Instead, patients pay a monthly membership fee, similar to a gym membership for unrestricted access to our services. 

Access to Care

In the direct primary care model, we are able to address your concerns in a number of ways.  That may mean a traditional in-office visit with longer appointment times to address all of your concerns in one visit.  We also offer telehealth appointments for your convenience. Often, however, a simple text, email, or phone conversation is sufficient. In the direct primary care model, we are free to provide services by the means best suited to your situation.

Cost Savings

As health care costs continue to skyrocket in our country, change is urgently needed. The most effective way to reduce costs is good primary care where 90% of health care can be managed if the time is available. Our goal is to make this type of good primary care affordable for all.

At first glance, adding a monthly payment to your budget may not seem to offer cost savings. But in direct primary care, there are no hidden fees. Your monthly membership provides you unlimited access to the care you need. When you add up the out of pocket expenses of urgent care visits, copays, and deductibles that can be avoided by being a DPC member, the cost savings quickly add up. 

Do We Accept Insurance?

Primary care was meant to be affordable. When insurance contracts are involved in Primary Care, it prevents physicians from offering low prices on laboratory tests and medications, as well as making the first line of health care inexpensive for families. That being said, we understand the Direct Primary Care Model is a new concept to many patients.  We continue to accept limited insurance plans so that we can continue to provide care for patients in Goshen that have come to appreciate our care.  At the same time, we want to keep our costs low, so that we can pass on affordable care to you.  We do encourage you to have insurance for emergency care. One way to keep costs low is to carry a high deductible plan.

What is Integrative Medicine?

First and foremost, we approach your health and healing process with an open mind about the inherent capacity of the mind and body to heal. We believe that it is possible to reverse chronic disease and want to work with you to do this. Our goal is to take the time to address the root causes of disease and offer many options for healing that can include both traditional medication and integrative options. Integrative care means integrating all aspects of your life into your care: your physical body, your emotional wellbeing, the foods you eat, how well you sleep, your daily movement, and how you handle stress. By emphasizing your inner strength and resilience, we can meet you from a place of encouragement and collaboration. Utilizing this approach, a holistic treatment plan can be co-created that meets your practical needs but also helps you achieve your goals.

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Meet Sarah Webber NP

Sarah Webber has been working in the medical field for over ten years now and has enjoyed working in both obstetrics and community health as an registered nurse. She graduated from Indiana University of South Bend with her Masters in 2020 and has enjoyed working in family medicine ever since. She loves that family practice provides the opportunity to help the family as a whole and looks forward to helping build healthy families in Goshen. 

At home, Sarah stays busy running after three little boys, and it is her favorite place to be. When the boys get to be too crazy, she loves to hang out with the only other females on the property, Grace and Beans, their two goats. Her family enjoys going on hikes in their woods, traveling, playing outside, and having bonfires with family and friends. 

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